Senior Software Engineer – Backend

Senior Software Engineer - Backend |


| Bangalore 

Skills and expertise you’ll require

  • Java
  • Kubernetes
  • Microservices
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js
  • REST
  • Express.js

Roles and Responsibilities

You’re awesome at and will be responsible for

  • Lead design, development, implementation and maintenance of applications & back-end services demonstrating service-oriented architecture.
  • Design, build, test, and maintain scalable APIs, services, and systems within the platform.
  • Choose the right Data Structures, tools and tech stacks and be able to do High Level Designing with guidance.
  • Build, develop, mentor, review code and coach junior team members.
  • Extensive programming experience with cross-platform development: Java/SpringBoot, Javascript/Node.js, Express.js or Python
  • Extensive knowledge of ElasticSearch, MongoDB or Cassandra, Redis, SQS and data streaming (Spark, Flink, Kafka streams, storm, etc.).
  • Well versed in Kafka Understanding cloud native technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, capable to cover full development lifecycle including CI/CD
  • Experience in use of source code management system like GIT, bitbucket and build tools like ant, maven, Gradle or make.
  • Take great pride in Code quality and developer productivity.
  • Put in Microservcies architecture in place that paves road for scalability, efficiency, observability, and availability.
  • Build (and open source) data processing, storage and fetch systems at the petabyte scale with the lowest cost/GB while still responding in milliseconds at the 99th percentile.
  • Build algorithms and services to influence personalisation and recommendation from a real-time recommendation engine for both home feed to surface most viral videos + video e-commerce.
  • Build machine learning pipelines using Kinesis,Spark/Flink/TensorFlow etc
  • Agile methodologies, Sprint management, Roadmap, Mentoring, Documenting, Software architecture
  • Proven experience in handling large infrastructure and distributed systems
  • Liaison with Product Management, DevOps, QA, Client and other teams

Your Experience Across The Years in the Roles You’ve Played

  • Have total or more 5 – 7 years of experience with 2-3 years in a startup.
  • Have B.Tech or M.Tech or equivalent academic qualification from premier institute.
  • Experience in Product companies working on Internet-scale applications is preferred
  • Thoroughly aware of cloud computing infrastructure on AWS leveraging cloud native service and infrastructure services to design solutions.
  • Follow Cloud Native Computing Foundation leveraging mature open source projects including understanding of containerisation/Kubernetes.

We Value Engineers Who Are

  • Customer-focused: We believe that doing what’s right for the creator is ultimately what will drive our business forward.
  • Obsessed with Quality: Your Production code just works & scales linearly
  • Team players. You believe that more can be achieved together. You listen to feedback and also provide supportive feedback to help others grow/improve.
  • Pragmatic: We do things quickly to learn what our creators desire. You know when it’s appropriate to take shortcuts that don’t sacrifice quality or maintainability.
  • Owners: Engineers at Chingari know how to positively impact the business.

Chingari Benefits

The glory. Almost too much responsibility.

A fun-life balance

A ticket on our rocket ship to the moon. 🚀


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