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Born out of love, Chingari is Bharat’s Super Entertainment App, which brings creators from not just India, but from across the globe together for what they love doing the most – Creating engaging content in languages close to their hearts.



Our belief lies in the creation of a world where anyone can showcase their talent to another across the globe. That’s the core of our existence – To empower quality content creators who willingly on-board our App and contribute towards making us the one-stop entertainment platform for the audiences’ content consumption demands.


Health Insurance

Cover of up to Rs 5 lakhs for employees and immediate family.

Stacked Pantry

Healthy and delightful breakfast & lunch.


6.5 months paid maternity leave and 5 days paid paternity leave.

In-Office Games

Foosball, X-Box and several Board games to enjoy with your colleagues.

Chingarian's Testimonials

How we are bringing the Fiery Revolution


Chingari - Bharat Ka Super Entertainment App. A unique and fun short video app where you can create interesting videos and share them with the world.


Short Video + Social Audio + Social Commerce + Social Ed-Tech + Social Entertainment on Blockchain. Empowering Video Content Creators Worldwide with Blockchain.


Become a Chingari Superstars by following these simple steps and stand a chance to walk away with cash worth crores.

Made in India

We truly are an Indian app with an in-built Chat Feature and the only app with In-Video Shopping feature.


When it comes to creating events experiences, we consider ourselves trendsetters. Be it the launch of our iconic GARI Tokens or virtually hosting World Music Day. Be it painting a city in colour for Holi or getting another city grooving to EDM concerts, we leave no stone unturned to make it a day to remember – For us. For our guests. And for the Page 3 paparazzi.


Here at Chingari, we celebrate the life and its little moments with games, fun activities
and events that keep our minds fresh and spirits alive.


Bengaluru  |  Mumbai


Careers at Chingari

Jobs are a 9-5 thing. We empower careers based upon passion. Our dynamics has witnessed a 180degree flip, aspiring the unexpected and reaching for the never-before. (We told you, we are an unconventional clan!)

If you have that spark within you,
let’s create some fire together!


Karun Kumar

Sr. Android Developer

Talk about your journey at Chingari?

Due to the startup nature, I thought work-life balance and employee benefits would not exist, but now I am getting everything I'd expect from a big company. A very interesting journey to gather every aspect of a well-rounded company in one place. Innovative, good work-life balance.

Can you tell us about your role at Chingari?

Working as Sr. Android developer. Implementing all relevant features.

What’s your thought about #LifeAtChingari?

Just Beautiful! It is awesome to have such great colleagues and good professional growth.

What inspires you to work here?

To be better at development so that one day you feel proud of your contribution to the company’s growth.

Share your #ChingariMoment with us.

Meeting nice people and working with them.

Papiya Debnath

Digital Media Specialist

Talk about your journey at Chingari?

Earlier, we were a team of a few people with a lot of work to handle on our own but, now our growth is very smooth and our processes are organized. As a result, I've gained a lot of knowledge and learned a lot. Now I unleash my full potential at every stage of my job.

Can you tell us about your role at Chingari?

I’m working as a Digital Media Specialist at Chingari. I'm responsible for planning, implementing, and managing the Chingari blogs, newsletters, In-app social video promotions, and other organic reach-related content parts. Along with that, I'm also planning and monitoring the SEO strategy to increase brand awareness, improve viral content production efforts, and increase the audience base.

What’s your thought about #LifeAtChingari?

Chingari is a superb organization to work for! It's been an amazing experience. Its work culture defines its quality. Everything being equal, the management is excellent. Here, the work pressure is ordinary, which makes #LifeAtChingari fun.

What inspires you to work here?

I just love the job I do. My professional life always makes me feel good emotionally. This not only sets me on the path toward success and keeps me motivated, but it also helps me get through the daily grind.

Share your #ChingariMoment with us.

There were many. From when we got recognition by Anand Mahindra to when our honourable Prime Minister Modiji has talked about Chingari on Man Ki Baat, to when we owned the Atma Nirbhar App Innovation Award in the Social App category, we won the Best Startup of India 2021 by TimesBusiness and more. All these recognitions have motivated us to come up with the best and become the global brand we are today!

Pranat Ghude

Creative Director

Talk about your journey at Chingari?

Having previously worked with one of the Co-founders of Chingari, I was aware of its vision and potential. Also, having worked in the OTT space for over 3 years, I was eager to explore a new format. Chingari provided the perfect opportunity. However, the excitement got elevated when we started working on the strategies & creative road map for GARI Tokens. If you have an idea, that you think is credible and can connect with the audience uniquely, the team is always game for it. Be it working on Chingari’s Anthem Song ‘Bann Chingari’, or during the launch of GARI Social Tokens, the team has always been brimming with positive vibes. Overall, it has always been a rocketing journey.

Can you tell us about your role at Chingari?

It is said that a writer lives many lives at once. That precisely defines my profile at Chingari. Designation-wise, it reads Creative Director – Ideating concepts for campaigns, writing for digital platforms & influencer activities, or cracking the code for our next big IP. But that’s just a small fraction. It goes much beyond, from providing creative solutions to Marketing, Branding & PR teams to innovating brand solutions and experimental. Lately, with GARI, the game of Tokenisation, NFTs, and the entire Web3 wave has been a big magnet.

What’s your thought about #LifeAtChingari?

It is as versatile as the brand itself. We have people from all walks of life, with their unique set of identities & strengths. Each one has a different story to tell; a new experience to share. Life here is more like a bottle of vodka. So much vividity, yet so much transparency!

What inspires you to work here?

Doesn’t it get monotonous to be eating the same food every day? With Chingari, it’s the opposite! It is like that infinite menu from where you can order a different meal every day, and you still won’t be repeating it at least for the next few years. From Influencer activities, On-ground, Brand Mergers, Experiments, Innovations – The profile & prospects here are damn versatile. Plus, there’s immense support for the bosses along with an incredible team.

Share your #ChingariMoment with us.

Woking closely & creatively directing our most-loved Bhai of Bollywood Salman Khan on the GARI Token campaign. The entire evening was so engrossing, with Salman Khan later getting candid and sharing so many interesting incidents from his life’s book.


Preeti Kanyal

Customer Service Specialist (Social Media)

Talk about your journey at Chingari?

CHINGARI was a brand new experience for me, and I had no idea what it was. Now, I am proud to be a part of a team that is growing under the guidance of market leaders. I enjoy my job. The people here are diverse, and the work environment is fun. It has been a pleasure getting to know and be comfortable with the Chingari Family.

Can you tell us about your role at Chingari?

I am in the Customer Support Role - Social Media; however, I have given exposure to all other departments, whether it's emailing or calling.

What’s your thought about #LifeAtChingari?

My team has become my second family, if I may say so. I learn so much from everyone, both professionally and personally. We have an incredible bond, and even though we are working from home, we manage to have fun. The team is constantly connected, which makes my #LifeAtChingari pretty CONTENT.

What inspires you to work here?

It gives me the rush to wake up every morning and work with the team to achieve the shared goal, which motivates me to put my heart, mind, and soul into everything I do. I truly believe I should be better than yesterday every single day.

Share your #ChingariMoment with us.

That would definitely be the day I decided to work with CHINGARI. Looking back, I'm really proud of my choice!


Setu Kanani

Engineering Manager

Talk about your journey at Chingari?

For the first time, I heard about Chingari from our Honorable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. I remember him mentioning ‘Our Indian Apps like Chingari will be replacing China’s TikTok. Soon after, I got a chance to work here. So the impression of the organization, Earlier vs. Now, it’s the same “SUPER EXCITING” which keeps my inner Chingari on Fire. I have been managing a super-intelligent team of 9 iOS Members. Every team member has worked hard to make the Chingari iOS App better with each passing day, and soon we will be in our Best Position.

Can you tell us about your role at Chingari?

When I joined Chingari last year on 19th October 2020, my designation was “Principal Engineer iOS”. So from the very first day, I used to work as an Individual Contributor along with a few other team members from Ukraine. But I started leading the team gradually and I was helping/mentoring/guiding every new team member. We all started making iOS App Better with each passing day and kept adding new features/functionalities to align with the Chingari Android App.

Starting from 1st November 2021, I have been promoted to the “Engineering Manager” role with additional responsibilities and bigger expectations. I am thankful to the management for believing in me for this new challenging role. My goal will remain the same, “To Make Chingari iOS App In The Top Rankings In Apple Store” and soon Chingari iOS Team will achieve that goal!

What’s your thought about #LifeAtChingari?

It’s very exciting! I get to learn something new, which helps me improve my knowledge. Chingari has a team of young talent in almost every department, which is amazing. Even in this covid time, when we all are connecting virtually and not able to meet in person, our daily meetings keep all of us very much connected.

What inspires you to work here?

At Chingari, every day starts with some new challenging work. I get to learn something new, which of course, inspires me to work at Chingari to the best of my abilities.

Share your #ChingariMoment with us.

On my Appraisal Day at Chingari, I was promoted to the ‘Engineering Manager’ role with a handsome hike in Salary (Beyond my expectations and I am thankful to the management team again who believed in me for the same)

Suyash Sahasrabudhe

Senior Operations Manager

Talk about your last 6 months journey with Chingari?

I have joined Chingari 3 months back but it feels home. It has been a fascinating start considering couple of things, i.e. Deepak being our leader, his way of working and trust. The office atmosphere is very positive and energetic.

What was the earlier impression of the organization and now what’s your understanding?

It took some time for me to mentally decide on this, since Short Form Content is new format. But when I started reading about it, I felt it’s an exciting field to learn. After I joined here, it felt like Wow!!! This is really exciting…

Can you talk about your profile?

Here at Chingari, I am managing the inter-departmental Operations. My role is essentially of a catalyst and making sure all the operations are smooth and error-free.

Tell us about #LifeAtChingari

It’s totally amazing! It’s not just a company, it’s our family. I am thoroughly enjoying my work here and hoping for a long association.

What inspires you to work everyday here?

The positive attitude of the whole team towards one single goal, Making Chingari, No. 1 Short form Content App.

Your most memorable moment with Chingari?

Every day at office is memorable, because we love our work!